Dubstep is dead. Dubstep is Muerte.

Today MUERTE released his debut single on Buygore´s sub-label, FRSHBLOOD! MUERTE began quickly catching some heavy attention with his deliverance of mind -shattering, signature heavy and thematic sound has pierced through the brick wall of the heavy EDM scene. He has been working with names like Jiqui, BVSSIC and released songs through labels like Halcyon and ODIO.

MUERTE means Death in Spanish which gives a bit hint on his overall style. Newest single “DEED” is no exception. The track quickly builds and drops into a deep, bouncy pattern of evil plucks and sweeps, delivering the unique MUERTE sound that the young artist has been pushing successfully for months. Taking inspiration from both modern Riddim, classical motifs and sounds, “DEED” broadcasts a dark medieval vibe to the listener that is hard to find anywhere else in the current scene.

Deed came about after a long session of toying with delayed tracks and delay FX in general. It blends swing, riddim and classical elements to bring a mellow, but powerful energy that I know my fanbase will connect with!


More info on MUERTE:

More info on FRSHBLOOD:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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