All good things must come to an end at some point, or rather in this case be wrapped back into the mothership. It was recently announced that Never Say Die: Black Label will be coming back under the umbrella of Never Say Die Records as they believe that genre separation between the two labels simply isn’t needed anymore given the recent crossover of more melodic sounds into the underground dubstep scene. NSD will continue releasing multi-genre music – which will now include riddim, tearout, heavy dubstep and all the sounds you know and love from Black Label.

Never Say Die Records had this to say about the end of an era and start of a new one:

“Moving forward, we’ll be bringing all of our releases under the single umbrella of Never Say Die Records. We believe that the genre separation between the two labels simply isn’t needed anymore. So many huge strides have been made in genre fluidity lately, and we wouldn’t want to stifle any artists’ creativity as they potentially try to match each label’s specific sound. All of the sounds and styles that Black Label represents will be supported by NSD. Never Say Die will continue to shine a light on up-and-coming talents provided, as always, that the music is right. We’re looking forward to the future as an all-encompassing, multi-genre label! The Black Label social media accounts, YouTube and SoundCloud channels will stay online, in case fans should like to revisit the label discography in the future.”


Releasing today Sick Head by Trampa is a fitting tune to end the mammoth run that Black Label has had. The UK-born producer has had a number of releases through Black Label such as the ‘Consciousness’ EP, and ‘Black Hole’, his collaboration with SKisM.

With an eerie haunting start, the track launches us into a driving groove with super crispy fills expertly melding into the flow of the drop. This may be the last Black Label release, but it’s surely not the last we will be hearing from Trampa or Never Say Die Records.

More info on Trampa:

More info on Never Say Die Records

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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