Disciple Round Table keeps it coming, and we are getting these amazing releases week by week. Now they have released GANON´s newest EP called “Release Yourself“, and LTBGY wanted to introduce track called “Advance“. With an simple start, the track launches us into soft landing with super crispy fills but at the second drop, oh god; full headbang madness begins. Listen to the song from below for full experience!

Advance is a track that I would call “Progressive Riddim”, the first drop is quite soft, which brings us to the Heavy Riddim drop. Fun fact: vocal intro reminds me of the French word “Allez” which means to go in English.


GANON, a French producer who began releasing music independently, has already gained many accomplishments in his five year run in bass music scene, such as two EP’s “Inflamed” & “Massilia” released through NSD: Black Label, but also singles and other releases through DPMO and Bassweight Records. Heading into 2021 Ganon continues to make riddim/dubstep, but wants to maintain diversity in his catalog by releasing other genres like Bass House and Jump Up D&B.

More info on GANON:

More info on Disciple Round Table:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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