TYPHON‘s first-ever EP, The Voyage is releasing through Buygore today. The American-Lebanese electronic music producer and DJ from Houston smashed it out of the stadium through 2020, having scored some major label releases including on Excision’s new label Subsidia, Buygore and Barong Family.

Buygore has been increasingly breaking genre guide lines and this latest release is no exception. ‘The Voyage‘ EP is a middle eastern influenced multi-genre collection of tunes that is pretty damn well crafted. Each track will seamlessly guide you through the journey one track after another. The EP was based on an old folktale about a fictional sailor who ventured into the seas. During his voyages, he explored magical places, meets monsters, and encountered supernatural phenomena.

Restless” was inspired by an old folklore, Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad was a sailor who craved a life of traveling and adventure. This track contains dark elements with Middle Eastern influence. By incorporating dubstep in the first drop and a variation of psytrance in the second drop, this creates an out-of-body experience for those seeking a free spirited lifestyle.


TYPHON is known for combining the sounds of electronic dance music with influences from his Middle Eastern roots. From his highly infectious energy during live performances to his creativity in the studio, you wouldn’t want to miss it. Be on the lookout for TYPHON as he will be taking things to the next level here in 2021.

A force to be reckoned with, TYPHON

More info on TYPHON:

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