Sometimes you have to burn yourself to the ground before you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Sad to say, Sven Selka know as Code: Pandorum has just announced he will be bury his long time alias Code: Pandorum. It’s pretty safe to say that Code: Pandorum is one of the creators of the “Deathstep” genre as a whole. He has released four full length albums, several EPs and singles through different labels like Disciple Round TableKannibalen Records and Bassrush. He also has founded his own label Crowsnest Audio. Thank you Code: Pandorum what have you done for the scene, you will be remembered and missed forever. This is the end of Code but birth of the INHUMAN!

INHUMAN. The new vision of the mind behind “Code: Pandorum” is a character telling the stories of a dystopian future. Blending analog and digital production as well as elements of different genres he manages to createan ever heard sound scape that immediately vaults the listener into a movie-like experience.

The scariest but most important decisions in my life so far is finally made. I honestly haven’t been this excited to reveal something yet and there are some of the biggest announcements of my career boiling in the background to be revealed soon. I always dreamt of creating a world, story or universe in a bigger scale and finally.. after approximately 2 years and more working on it I’m thrilled to invite you to the world of: INHUMAN The overseer of a futuristic dystopian world. This means an evolution on the musical but also visual site of my artistic approach.


More info on INHUMAN:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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