Khai Adams is an Electronic/Dubstep artist from Greensboro, North Carolina. After listening and producing dubstep, he decided there needs to be a break in the boundaries of the resistance in bass music theory. His influences come from Electro-Funk, Classic RnB and Modern Day Indie. With him having taste in retro synthesis and modern day sound, he flips it into how he would interpret it as his own genre “Neo-Dubstep”. Using psychedelic-inspired/glitchy cuts and swings, Khai knows how to bring attention to a listener quickly without any hesitation. Considering he’s always been making music as his own therapy to get through hard times, he want to be sure it could help the next listener ahead and generations beyond! Read the interview below!

Hi Beastboi! How are you doing?
Doing great! Just happy to be getting a lot of music done into the 3rd month of the year. Also, very stoked for what the future holds.

Take us back to the beginning, how did you find your passion into producing electronic music?
It all started in 4th grade when I heard Korn – Get Up ft. Skrillex and instantly fell in love with Dubstep/ Electronic Music. Years go by, I begged my parents for a FL studio because I wanted to be a DJ/Producer so bad. I didn’t get it until my 15th birthday and got my first laptop and DAW. I knew immediately music was going to ruin my life in a good way haha. And now I’m 5 years strong into the electronic experience.

You released an EP called “Steel Blood”. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
So the name “Steel Blood” was meant to describe me personally. The past few months have been a rough ride for me. And honestly I had no choice but to really push myself to get over the stress and pain. It’s a process and it’s nearly impossible for someone to get over a stressful matter within days. You have to know you can beat it, mentally. That’s why I named it “Steel Blood“. But it can be interpreted in many different ways.

What is your favorite song from the EP?
Ghetto Lag
! Because I wasn’t satisfied with the first version I made. From what I can recall, I had a bad week at work and took out my anger on that not caring how exact the sound design was so to be. So I let it age over week without actually listening to it and just loved how disgusting and violent it sounded itself. And that also taught me how I can actually make music without a designated idea.

What has been the most challenging song for you to make? Why?
for sure! I started the main lead over so many times just to get a perfect screech from it. Also just trying to keep everything leveled perfectly so nothing would overlap the whole song or take the important qualities out. Also not focusing on what should sound right to everyone, but what sounds good from just YOUR ear, ya know?!

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
Honestly, just skating on my free time, making music of course, and trying to keep up with filming a lot more with upcoming projects I have for my mini series. Just trying to make the best out of quarantine for me.

This quarantine period has been hard for music industry so now it’s time to support and support, any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Oh ALL good names like NRVE, Magic Bite, Knoir, Automhate, VRG, Flood, MOB, JoeB, Rock3tBox and Voysol. There’s so many more I could name.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
I wish everyone to be save around theses times and be mindful of the choices you make for the better! ALSO STAY CREATIVE AND LIVE YOUR DREAM TO THE FULLEST

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