With the new “Trench Glue EP” release on Buygore´s sub-label, Fresh Blood. SQISHI plans to deliver heavy hitting drops ready for your next bass music festival sets. The track from the “Trench Glue EP” called “Virtual Fox” with HAMRO is a blistering cut with spitfire transitions, mutated soundscapes and jaw dropping-bone screeching sounds. This ambitious track with neckbreaking production style gets headbangers excited from all over the world. Both can’t wait to play this tune live after all the hours on zoom with working on this tune!

SQISHI, is a 19 year old producer from Long Island, NY. He started his career just 4 years ago as an DJ and got passion for producing his own music. His first passion was Riddim and Dubstep however he continues to elevate his musical grind by making trippy brain blending tunes that give his fans a “wow factor“. He recently moved to the west coast to take his career on the next level, quickly GAWM and 40oz Cult found SQISHI and picked up by management to push even more.

HAMRO is a 21 year old producer/DJ from Ottawa, Canada. He has created a name for himself with his heavy productions and ferocious, energetic mixing style. HAMRO has collaborated with many artists such as SQISHISEVNNROTHMAN just to name a few.

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