Releasing on Buygore’s Fresh Blood imprint today, this cinematic, energetic rave laden banger jumps straight into the deep end! GAWM expertly lays a wonky lead over the drops that certainly kicks it up a notch.

GAWM had this to say about the tune:

Story behind the track is I started this project when I had an idea and couldn’t fall asleep until I finished it. My mind just works like that when I’m writin music. That was also the motivation for the track title. This song was the result of my insomnia.


Cristian Aguilar, the banging bass music produer known as GAWM has been gaining more and more recognition. Riding off the back of a huge remix for Calcium’s ‘FWYS‘, this new tune ‘Insomnia’ is sure to get some great airtime and good replay value with DJs coming fresh out of quarantine as things open back up, already gaining support from artists like ATLiens, Dirty Audio, Pixel Terror, Matt Doe, and Codd Dubz.

Connect with GAWM:

Connect with Frshblood:

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