We’ve been lucky to be able to listen to the Round Table Reinforcements Vol. 2 and will be premiering some of our favourite tracks from the release. After a very successful first volume, Disciple is back with round 2 which features a huge range of up and coming bass music artists and a super diverse range of musical styles.

Last week Disciple Round Table released over 8 tracks artists such as Exille, Dino Shadix, Welon. from the Reinforcements Vol.2 album and we premiered DKKAY – Alyssum and now it’s time to premiere beastboi´s newest track called “Leave Me“.  This song opens a mystical door into artist’s mind with spectacular dreamy vocals and absolutely beautifully distorted melodic drops layered with heavenly bells. beastboi. has decided there needs to be a break in the boundaries of the resistance in bass music theory. His influences come from Electro-Funk, Classic RnB and Modern Day Indie. With him having taste in retro synthesis and modern day sound, he flips it into how he would interpret it as his own genre “Neo-Dubstep“. Using psychedelic-inspired/glitchy cuts and swings, beastboi. knows how to bring attention to a listener quickly without any hesitation.

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