Dr. Ushuu is cut loose once more and is ready to put a cap on your ears! He comes guns blazing with new track “Gunshots“!

Those who know Dr. Ushuu understand exactly what he’s about: a profoundly creative and incessant mind whose passion for music is limitless. Featuring a sound best characterized by both unmatched melodies and hearty, neck-wrecking kickdrums, Dr. Ushuu’s light is one of the brightest in the bass music universe.

Having proved himself more than enough, it’s Dr. Ushuu’s time to shine as he accomplishes another reverie and becomes one of the knights in Disciple’s Round Table with Gunshots. Gunshots is as deadly and meaning as its name implies, being nothing short of utter disrespect in the best possible way. Opening up with discomforting pads and chords, Dr. Ushuu soon abducts the listener for a mind-crushing experience featuring a short build-up to the gruelingly tremendous first drop, where all hell breaks loose, as will your neck. The breakdown brings in some elements reminiscent of dnb, adding depth and a well-needed rest, before winding back up for the coke-induced, destructive second drop.

Gunshots is one of my favorite tracks cause shows a new version of me one of the most heavier !


From the suburbs of the city of lights emerges Dr. Ushuu, a rare blend of joviality, experience and innovation. He started in 2014 under the name d.c.r, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the doctor found himself being supported by the likes of OokayMartin Garrix and Nicky Romerowith his future bass beats. It wasn’t enough. Dr. Ushuu drifted towards the bass music universe, where he has remained since, pushing the limits of space to bold new places no one has gone before.

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