After releasing the last ever release for NSD:Black Label (read about ‘Sick Head’ here which also appears as track 6 on this release), Trampa is back with a heavy hitting collection of incredible songs. Releasing April 30th 2021 through Never Say Die Records, “Disrespect” features collaborations with the likes of Space Laces, Nolay, Killa P and Vulgatron. Alongside Trampa’s trademark heavy dubstep sound, he’s incorporated a lot of influence from UK bass, grime and rap for the LP.

Starting off with the title track “Disrespect” a slow rumbling sub comes in with an evil voiceover which sets the tone for the whole release. The dark nature of this track slowly builds to an absolutely ear shattering drop full of screachy amazingness.

The UK grime influence is hugley apparent in the second track, “Generals” featuring Killa P & Vulgatron overlaid over a heavy paper bass driving sound design.

My personal favourite has to be “Shank“, the 8th track which is a heavy hitting collaboration with Space Laces – totally one that I’m super keen to hear next time I head out clubbing cause I just know it will hit super hard and get everyone grooving.

The release comes full circle with the final track also starting out with a rumbly sub and eerie atmosphere. The 10th and final tune, “The Illest” then gets super ravey with a massive build that leads into a drop with classic big bwaaah energy, truly living up to its name.

Listen to the release below (or Stream/buy the album here) and let us know what you think!

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