About an year ago Oolacile founded record label called “Halcyon” and in that time Halcyon has claimed their place and become one of the most major labels at the scene bringing freshest tunes to bass world. I7 made his first appearance on Halcyon with Akeos collaboration “Angel Portal“, which was part of of Halcyon first ever release “Halcyon Sound Vol.1“. Today I7 released his first EP called “SEVEN” on under the Halcyon label tag.

This magnificent EP named “SEVEN“, features as its name implies seven original tracks. EP “SEVEN” is a excellent example of I7’s wide array of skills and styles like Future Riddim, House, DnB, Dubstep and way beyond. Powerful melodies, intense arcade style sound design, and glitchy atmospheres welcomes you into the world of I7 and takes the listener on a journey they won’t forget. I7 absolutely delivers with this monster EP. The melodic heavy EP is full of some awesome tracks and is definitely the soundtrack for my month, maybe release of the year!

This ep is my ode to a few cultures I like, love and an appreciation to all my fans from all over the world. Inspired by some of the worlds most famous artists like Madonna, Blackpink or even Mamamoo and also inspired by more underground artists like Chee, Infekt, Voltra, Skope, Barnacle Boi.


Théo Piron, more well known as I7, is a french speaking dubstep producer hailing from Belgium. Introduced to the riddim genre through going to local raves in the Belgium scene, I7 has since been pursuing to be one of the best at making insane grooves while also trying to incorporate satisfying melodies into his music. For six years I7 has pushed the boundaries of riddim and beyond with everything from Drum & Bass to K-Pop. Having unique inspirations for his music has given him an extremely distinctive sound that is stunning in its melodies and rhythms along with being able to create a wide array of genres. Being one of the originators of the future riddim sound, I7 was immediately a perfect fit for Halcyon while being impressive in all respects. I7 continues to grow as a producer and expand into new territory which he beautifully showcases on SEVEN.

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