When legendary 501 stopped doing dubstep, there was a available spot in Finnish bass music scene… Topi, 27 year old producer has filled his place step by step! In 2016 Topi was welcomed as part of the Monstercat family, since then, Topi has also appeared on labels such as Getter’s Shred Collective, Diplo’s Good Enuff, NGHTMRE´s & SLANDER´s Gud Vibrations and dubstep juggernaut Never Say Die. Last time Topi was seen on under the NSD label was collaboration with no one else than SPACE LACES with track called “Whiplash“.

We have been waiting Topi´s debut EP for YEARS! That day is happening very soon, May 11th Topi is releasing his first EP ever on Never Say Die label called “Systematic Schemer“.

Today we focus track called “Schemer” which is part of the four track debut EP. “Schemer” kicks off with bass house style intro and quickly build to heavy bass house drop with neuro elements. You can clearly hear Topi´s unique powerful melodies, heavy sound design. Topi makes himself known as an artist that stands out from the pack with a bold new view of the dubstep/bass sound.

From the middle of a scarcely populated Finnish forest region, comes some of the most idiosyncratic electronic music of today’s world. This is the home of a Finnish producer Topi, who continuously both defies and defines what music is, and can be. Topi’s masterful and forward thinking sound design, dark tones and ominous themes, combined with the sheer joy of exploration of the unknown, has proven that the only thing you can expect out of Topi, is the unexpected.

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