Champagne Drip & G-REX are both absolute don’s of the scene, so when you hear a new tune is out that is the brainchild of both of them, well you get a little excited.

The two began collaborating on the single during Liquid Stranger’s 2019 Infinity Tour. Now that festivals and live events are gradually returning, the duo is ready to unveil “Cold Case” to the world.

Releasing today, 14 May 2021, through WAKAAN, “Cold Case

Cold Case was started while I was on tour with G-Rex a couple of years ago. We tested out early versions at many events while fine tuning and solidifying it. The final product is the result of a developed friendship and live crowd feedback. 

Champagne Drip

Champagne and I started this track on the Infinity Tour in 2019 and worked on it on off days. We both were having the time of our lives on our first bus tour with the Wakaan fam so we just had fun with it and it came together super fast.


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