2021 People are driving full electric cars, building robots, buying bitcoins and all that kinda future stuff and at same time we miss memories from 90´s-00´s era like arcade games, view masters, cassette and stuff.

From electronic music mecca, Netherlands comes artist know as Deadcrow who loves JDM, cyberpunk and nostalgic things like Need For Speed Underground 2, Blade Runner which are heavily influenced by his own sound. His newest single called “Arrival” has been out few weeks and I can’t get over how good it is! “Arrival” before the first drop track starts beautifully, very patient and melodically and drops to mightily song which would fit RL GRIME´s label “Sable Valley“. But then, wait for the unexpected, second drop, thunderous hardstyle will make pump your fist like never before. God this is good, this might be track of the year, the perfect dose of beauty as well as brutality!

This is definitely one of those songs of which I feel like it’s what I’ve always been trying to make! Not just sound-wise, but also emotionally. It’s a very special song to me.”


Revered for his cutting-edge approach to wave music, Deadcrow represents what it means to be a true influencer. Browsing YouTube as a teenager and becoming an expert crate digger, Felix Ruocco’s fascination with grime and trap laid the groundwork for his current status in the scene. Inspired by artists like UZ and RL Grime, his early years of music production led to him attending Herman Brood Academie, where he graduated in 2016. His sonic touch has brought him around the world on tour, including his 2018 run of shows in the US, where he was the first wave artist to tour in the region.

Now, Deadcrow has caught the attention of high-profile artists such as RL Grime, Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead and more.

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