Australia, the second-best country in the world where spiders are gigantic and peoples loves white claw drinks, comes artist called AVEON. He has been producing music just under 3 years and in that short time he has gained great support acts like Subtronics, Marauda, SweetTooth and Leotrix.

The last few months have been very busy for the AVEON, 22 years old producer is about to release his debut EP “FRAGMENTED TIME” through Buygore´s sub-label FRSHBLOOD. Full EP comes out this friday and we got the opportunity to premiere track called “Reality”. Track begins with haunting melody and quickly goes 0-100. Haunting start is just a memory when drops start, proper rapid-fire kickdrums, reverberating bass, and plenty of screeching synths.

Reality” was a tune I started as a challenge for myself to try a different style of workflow, going back to that 2016 trap vibe but still keeping it dated sound wise, Also means a lot to me with the time I started it, I was going through a bit of a rough patch and working on this challenge I set, Put my mind off it, By the end of the final product I felt like I was back in reality living life hence the name “reality” this track easily has to be my personal fav track of the ep!


Connect with AVEON:

Connect with FRSHBLOOD:

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