Here on the Let The Bass Get You office I live for finding new up-&-coming producers and more better they are getting releases on big labels such as Borgore´s own label Buygore!

Today, Yoxide released his first release on Buygore label called “Find Us“. Suffering evil screams and woman voice calling for helps tells you that this track is going LOUD! Brain melting drops and heavy dragging bass makes you headbang. Full slapper like all Yoxide tunes.

FIND US is probably one of my favorite tracks I’ve released so far. I worked on the sound design of the drop for a few days and after that the whole song came alive right away. I finished this song about 3 months ago and I didn’t know who to release it with. Nooa from LTBGY helped me contact BUYGORE, they loved it and yeah… is OUT NOW! Go listen to it.


Born in Argentina, 22 years old Yoxide started his career over 5 years ago DJing and making bigroom like everyone else. About a year ago Yoxide found the light at the end of the tunnel and started making mad dubstep tunes like “Emergency Broadcast“. In a short time Yoxide has shown his unique sound design and has gained huge amount of support from artists like Barely Alive, HerobustMidnight Tyrannosaurus.

Connect with Yoxide:

Connect with Buygore:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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