Innovation and development bass and trap producer Hydraulix has finally announced his debut album “Imposter Syndrome” will be released on this September. Before that it is time to put exciting and highly anticipated lead single from the album called “Waratah” with Latin Grammy Award Winning producer Nitti Gritti is out now via WAKAAN.

Waratah” is a one-of-a-kind trap offering that combines blustering production with a minimalist flair. “Waratah” is a sharp musical twists and prime elements from Hydraulix and Nitti Gritti’s respective styles. Aggressive cuts opens with on an eerily peaceful note, shrouding the track behind a false sense of security. “Waratah” devolves into trap mayhem as sirens and heavily distorted bass announce the tone shift. The production takes a drastic turn at the drop when the over-the-top buildup cuts out for a singular shrill synth commands center stage. The melody pairs well with the scattered and impressive percussion, making for an unexpected experience that sets an impressive standard for the rest of Hydraulix’s full LP.

I started this track with Nitti Gritti around 2 years ago, we were both touring and traveling so we have been lucky to play the WIP of this track during both mine and Nitti Gritti’s sets. I knew I wanted to get this track to completion so we could share with the world, so when it came to the album I was extra motivated to make sure this track was included. I’m super excited to finally have this one out for all the fans who have been patiently waiting.


After a career spanning the better part of a decade, Hydraulix is ready for his biggest artistic venture yet with his forthcoming debut album. Bass fans worldwide know Hydraulix as a household name, most recently from his time touring across North America in support of Liquid Stranger and performing speaker-knocking live sets at festivals like Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, Wobbleland, E-Zoo and more. Often seen releasing via Wakaan, Hydraulix has been sought after by such major labels as Never Say Die Records, Disciple, RAM Records and Circus Records. After years of earning the widespread respect of the industry and the die-hard fans, Hydraulix’s long overdue debut record is sure to make massive waves for bass heads everywhere.

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