Hyper, the London based artist is a truly versatile creative! From providing music for films such as Blade Runner 2049, games such as Cyberpunk 2077 or his debut mau5trap single “Impact Weapon”, Hyper has proven that he is a truly talented individual.

Impact Weapon was just a teaser for his “Control” EP which is out June 11 via mau5trap. The 4 track EP takes listeners into his world and soundscape and is just plain awesome! Known for his unique industrial-laced cinematic sound, this release is the culmination of Hyper’s works and influences to date.

“‘Control’ is the first solo release of work with a totally new state of mind for me. I’ve made a conscious decision to block out any restrictions on my work by any genre rules at all, and decided to fully embrace all of my major musical influences over the years. The only restrictions I’m setting now are simply extreme use of guitar distortions, live bass, cinematic sound scapes, trailer hits, analogue (sometimes 80’s-esque synths) live drums and an experimentation with juxtaposed tempos and dynamic switches (influenced by the quiet/loud sound of the 90’s I guess and living in Seattle) are where I’m at. It’s a natural development for me since the juggernaut of 2012’s ‘Spoiler’ (genre defining track of the Cyberpunk 2077 game).”


Setting its innately dystopian feel from the get-go, Hyper gives way to foreboding sensations as “Control” fades into the EP’s lead single “Impact Weapon.” Inspired by social justice movements in his current home of Seattle, Washington, Hyper details a time of political and racial unrest in “Impact Weapon.” Sourcing actual audio from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in his town, the creative builds impactful tension, unfurling into a cacophony of industrial synth work.

The third track, “Marauder,” is aptly described by Hyper as “an epic movie trailer that never ends.” which leads men to the standout track for me in this ep, the final track, “Silo” with some classic Hyper cinematic/cyberpunk feeling, the track builds to an absolutely awesome ending. A bustling work showcasing a true mastery of sound design and compositional skills, Control is the exciting mau5trap debut from Hyper.

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