Detroit producer Sully is blessing subwoofers again with his latest Malfunction EP, off the back of his just shy of a year absence from releases. He returns with a crazy 4 track EP, with deep and hard hitting bass lines, Mid Tempo vibes mixed and a little bit of Bass House for good measure, this EP is nothing to snuff at.

With each track being unique and different but staying true to the Sully sound, starting with “Bumps” a Mid Tempo track with hard hitting bass lines and a switch up on the second drop to make say “oh damn!“. Now the party track, “Vibrate” a Bass House style track that will surely get the dance floor bouncing and going crazy. With punchy bass and string leads this track is in its own league. As for the other 2 tracks “Scorcher” and “Malfunction” you will have to listen to the EP, don’t worry they pack a punch!

The Malfunction EP” is a culmination of 4 of my favorite tracks that I made during quarantine. Each one is VERY different from the others, hence the title malfunction. You get a little dubstep, experimental bass, house, and even trap. The reason why I chose the brand “sully” is because it’s literally my name and I didn’t want any limitations on what I could put out. I think there is a beautiful chaos in releasing all different genres of music while still having a distinct “sound” that blankets your catalogue.


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