Perry Wayne has already made a mark that will ring for ages. With his meticulously crafted basses, fused with the off-the wall energy we haven’t felt since the early Excision days -he will surely capture your heart and break your neck. Texas based artist takes influence from Flux Pavilion, Excision, Virtual Riot, Zomboy and creating his own sound that resonates across all his work and he gained huge ammount of support artists like Excision, Adventure Club and many more.

Perry Wayne adds another heavy hitter to his ever growing discography with his new track “Drama” released on Buygore. “Drama” starts with hooking vocals of dispare which quickly builds with the sounds of war drums to a drop that is uniquely Perry Wayne. Then hitting you with a classic second drop that’s just as heavy and lastly a satisfying switch up on the third drop that wraps this 2:58 track up in all its glory.

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