We love Snavs! The Danish artist released an album that was in our top 10 of last year, which is no mean feat considering the amount of amazing music out there (read more here). We also interviewed him way back in 2014 and its incredible to see the growth and diversity of the artist project since (read more here).

His new track “Moods” released on 2nd July 2021, via Dim Mak Records is a great development in his unique artistic style. A rich intro filled with deep grimy vocals sets the stage for an absolutely massive ravey drop filled with some absolutely dope fills – I really love the b section that comes towards the end of the first drop and then transition into the melodic break is amazing – its that little spice that really makes it snap! The track is distinctly divided into two different sounds to represent Snavs‘s inspiration: the idea that our moods can easily oscillate based on circumstances in our everyday lives.

The whole idea around ‘Moods‘ is about reflecting on how fast your mood can change if something good or bad happens and how easily you can be affected by your surroundings. That’s why the mood of the track changes halfway through, and the first half is a grimey dubstep banger while the second half has more of a melodic and future bass vibe to it.


As the boss of his own label Riotville Records, DJ and producer Snavs has made it his mission to constantly push creative boundaries having explored a depth of genre melding collaborations with groups including hardcore metal band Telos, legendary Scandinavian rocker Ulf ScottSøren Buhl of alt-rock band Blaue Blume, and indie singer Karen Lassen. His music has taken him to some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, including Webster Hall , Avalon and Bootshaus as well as well-known festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas and more.

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