Fresh off the recent release of the dubstep anthem “War Dog” released in June 2021, we are premiering Primary Being’s newest single “K304″!

Brainchild of Australian artist Charlie Glinka, the new tune by Primary Being marks the second original release for 2021! Treating fans to an opening into his imaginative world, Primary Being‘s distinctive melodic flair blends expertly with hard hitting drum and bass and halftime drops which keep a fun driving build happening throughout the tune.

This song is the follow up to “War Dog” and is titled “K304” after the name of the robot dog from that Track. The tune itself was super fun to make and came together pretty quickly from the initial concept. “K304” is a robot dog, who used to be a war dog, but is now free from its commitments, and just wants to live a normal life – this song imagines what kind of music the robot dog may create/listen to as it goes about its life. I absolutely love playing this tune as it hits with force every time

Primary Being

Listen to “K304” below and look out for it when it comes out on all platforms tomorrow 9th July 2021

Primary Being is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

The emerging artist, DJ, and producer originating from Sydney, Australia has been making sounds since a young age and told us that the project is fueled by his passion for music, and love of technology and futurology.

Launching off the back of a showcase live performance at the 2019 Electronic Music Conference (curated by Triple J) and shows at Home Nightclub in Sydney with “The Wall”, Primary Being has released some hard hitting tracks such as the bass houses infused “Crickets” with Xpera on Daily Earfood and a smooth remix of Zathlute’s “Lost in Love” via Artist Intelligence Agency. Since graduation from the esteemed Icon Collective of Los Angeles in 2020, the artist is inviting listeners into his world with a unique brand and floor-rattling sound.

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