Tony Romera is known for his French-house inspired music and since stepping into the scene a decade ago the incredible artist has been writing and releasing a whole bunch of music across a huge range of sounds and styles. Following the release of “VHS” last month, French house producer Tony Romera released the second single “MS69” off his forthcoming album “Introspection” due later this year on Monstercat.

I gotta say I love the story behind this track – check the quote from Tony below, but in essence the track was born out of frustration with late delivery of synths! Every inspiration has to start somewhere! Accordingly, “MS69” is an agressive high intensity bass laden track that is reminiscent of early electro driven Daft Punk whilst having a nice modern spin. Paying homage to his Lyon roots with “69” in the title referencing his hometown postal code of 69000, Tony’s production prowess is on full display, as “MS” stands for the Korg MS-20 he used to design the track.

I was feeling heated the day I made “MS69“. It was originally called “UPS FDP“, which translates to “Motherf*cker UPS” in French slang, because they were late on delivering my new synths. Since I wasn’t able to get them in time, I decided to make a super aggressive track with my Korg MS-20. I was playing with the filter and it reminded me of one of my favorite records from Daft Punk, “Rollin’ & Scratchin’.” With that in mind, “MS69” was born! This song really defines my darker side. I’ve been impulsive since I was a kid and I think that comes through in this track.

Tony Romera

From releasing with labels such as Monstercat, Insomniac, OWSLA, Mad Decent, Spinnin, Armada and Confession and support of acts such as Diplo, Skrillex, Madeon and Porter Robinson, fans have been in for a delightful ride.  Additionally, Tony started his own label SANS MERCI to discover some young cool artists, release the tracks of his friends, and of course put out some of his own tracks.

Fans can look forward to experiencing tracks from ‘Introspection’ live, as Tony makes his EDC Las Vegas debut this coming October!

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