After releasing a distorted and gritty track on Nova Lotus with “Terror Of The Depths“, Kerys follows up with a self released dubstep track, “Six Leagues Under“. This track showcases the range of the artist and marks the first entirely dubstep track and marks the third release of the year for the artist.

Starting with a lovely lead over a super engaging chord progression, ‘Six Leagues Under‘ lives up to its name sliding listener’s deep down into the mariana trench when the heavy dubstep drop hits. The break leads into an epic melodic buildup that feels like we’re leading up to Poseidon as the end boss of an epic adventure – he definitely lives deep down in that trench!

I got inspired by a underwater funeral drawing in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea I saw on internet. Midtempo is my main field but I’ve always listened to dubstep and its subgenre, so it was something I wanted to try to mash that with one of my favorite genre, darksynth.


Part of the collective GRL GANG, founded by JEANIE, Kerys has shown her range through multiple releases on Nova Lotus and has been supported by artists like HVDES and more. Kerys continues to show her versatility and expand the boundaries of what she can create in the bass music genre. 

Connect with Kerys:

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