Alright, this week we have an awesome premier of a dope tune from a fresh AF up and coming producer! Releasing on Never Say Die on 30th July 2021, euphorian’s “youth ep” is absolutely one to look out for.

mentality” is the track we are premiering today and is the introductory track to the ep. starting off with a fantastic soundscape full of emotion, the track slowly builds into absolute madness, with some super cool glitches in between. The drops here are so freaking unique in the best possible way. Super refreshing sound design, flow and arrangement. My ears were kept trying to anticipate what was coming next but I was blown away each time, even more so on subsequent listens. The overblown nature of the chords in the second drop is freaking amazing and had my jaw to the floor.

mentality is a song meant to convey what it feels like to constantly have all my intrusive thoughts, anxieties and trauma pounding against my head until I’m past my limit of holding it in and find myself exploding in outrage. It’s the “theme” song and the opener of youth EP, because the entire EP tells a chronological story of how I handled my darkest thoughts and hardest battles in my adolescence. I want someone to find catharsis in me sharing my story and know they’re not alone


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