This week we have been honored to premier a song from the seasoned veteran of finely crafted sound and genre bending extraordinaire, CESQEAUX! Bringing you the track “B with U” off his massive, new reluanch EP called “HUMAN ERROR” is hitting platforms August 6th.

B with U” is an absolute ride from beginning to end, sending you through a cosmic, wormhole of sound, as if you were stuck in a vintage music box universe. From the very start, the song launches with a subtle sound of a wind up mechanism, baring a mild melody, which slowly progresses into epic harmonics, thus cueing lyrics the song is appropriately named for. When the first drop initially hits, a flood of classic festival type trap sounds mixed with an essence of melodic dubstep, and riddim patterns smacks the listeners ear with a grand euphoria that opens a case of emotions. The fresh taste of groove drags the audience in and out of harmonic intensity, then breaking down the drop to a dubstep throwback style vibe of sound and drum pattern. The song then breathes, building intensity yet again, and explodes back into a astronomical sequence of melodies and kicking bass, then grips your mind and soul, till released back in time with the throwback style groove, ending clean and clairvoyant, completely fulfilling the users experience from the go!

Sometimes getting together is the answer to practically anything. “B_with_u.wav” is a song about just that. Similar interests and like mindedness. The sound of the song doesn’t get more Cesqeaux than this.


B with U” is truly a heater of a track, with all of CESQEAUX best traits of production reflecting in the track itself. The whole EP is amped up to speak the mind of the genius himself, mirroring his thoughts of the past, and where his progression has led him up to this point. May this track set a vibe for things to come with the rest of his fine works, as it has done for us at LTBGY!

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