We have yet another scorcher of a premier popping off this week by Montréal Bass God, Sam Lamar. With his new EP, “EONS“, featured by Buygore Records, hot off the press with three fresh plates, we premier to you “Era“.

Era” is, in metaphoric perspective, almost like a cinematic montage of movement and speed with sound Sam Lamar brings with this track. It initiates with a strong thrilling build up of a male voice sample, shaking in and out with the riser. With a subtle rise and pre-drop dubstep break, “Era” punches with psychosis like waves of noise of Lamar‘s traditional sound, stomping with pure cleanliness to the human ear, stilled with the shaking of the vocal chops, and the drippy sounds of the void to back the main lead of the drop. Breaking down into a piano melody, “Era” takes the listener back into the driver seat of this epic scenario of sound splattered onto audible canvas, riding back into the risers swings and drum roll. When the second drop hits, a left field energy comes with an unexpected turn into an experimental bass drop. Now spinning out into a hypnotic state of sound, the listener is shaken with yet again a whole new spectrum of sound still so stapled to Lamar‘s dark, witchcraft styles of sound design. It’s a transition to a funkier state of emotion, but still holds the intense grit of the first drop. Closing on a building end of evil string harmonics, the song then concludes with a massive impact to silence, like a portal collapsing to eerie silence.

Era” is a spectacle of a showing from Sam Lamar‘s skills as a producer. This track fits every measurement of aesthetic that he brings with the “EONS” EP. LTBGY is excited to have the opportunity to premier such a talent rich track, that really represents a spearhead of his new product. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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