Last week was another incredible for music – especially with REAPER making his fourth appearance on Bassrush Records with his latest D&B heater “IMY” featuring Bella Renee

Since bursting onto the scene with his unique brand of bass music, REAPER has become an endless source of innovation within realm. Featuring the awesome singer from Arizona, Bella Renee. REAPER offsets the bittersweet feelings with his signature grit and awesomely pushed sound.

After numerous appearances on Bassrush, the masked producer is now tackling heartbreak on a melody-tinged creation about turning feelings of despair after a breakup into self love and empowerment. Starting off with a lush melodic backbone and catchy vocals from Bella, the song really gets going when the chugging electric guitars start driving us towards the drop. Speaking of, the drops in this song are absolutely classic REAPER drops that absolutely get the party started culminating in some absolute filth at the end there.

IMY” is the intersection of some of my favorite elements of dance music. The angelic vocals that lead into heavy, churning basslines perfectly describes the resilient attitude of the song. I’ve always been impressed that Bassrush seeks out and shares drum & bass, and I’m excited that they will be expanding their dnb palette with the release of “IMY“. Can’t wait to bring some dnb flavor to some Bassrush events soon!”


Keep an eye on REAPER, because from every report I’ve heard his live sets are absolutely insanity!

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