We’re back again with another banger of a track! This time taking on the form of a hardstyle monster from the underground dance trio, KAMI. Today we have the opportunity to premier their new track, “NO MERCY“, presented on Gearbox Digital‘s new compilation, Gearbox Lockdown 3.0.

“No Mercy” is the spark that will ignite a firestorm of music that is to come in the near future for us. It represents the next step in our journey of creating next level hard dance music, and showing that we are that force in America who can bring that next level pro sound to the global scene of hard dance. We are KAMI and are here to STAY!


NO MERCY” takes right off like the beginning of a boss fight, with the leading vocals of the song title, sliding into a madness of intensity building, and iconicly reverbed action horns in the back. Swinging down after a short intro, the drop punches like a million bombs impacting the ground simultaneously, with a barrage of kick drums just crushing sound waves. This is no longer hardstyle, this has now grown to a greater beast, better known as rawstyle. The energy of the entirety of this is absolutely ruthless through and through. The second drop holds true to the firsts outstanding quake of sound, with some high end synths to give it differential and sway. The third follows in suite with the first, topping off the listener with a final imprint of the brutality KAMI brought with this track!

KAMI‘s purpose behind this track was to show their evolution in the music they aspire to create for the future, and the persona they want to project with their project. The nail has been hit thoroughly well on the head in the point they come across with this piece. They did this one well on all aspects, what a madhouse this track is in itself! This one fit the LTBGY standard with no hesitation, and we hope you dig it too!

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