We have yet another fresh plate poppin off for you! Today’s premier comes from the experimental, no rule playing mastermind that is Shadient! We’ve been pleasured to have the opportunity to premier the first single off his forthcoming debut album releasing via the heavy weight label, Gud Vibrations. This track is called “EGO INSANIAC“, and it speaks on a boundary of emotion less tread by many artists on an EDM stance.

I’m so sincerely ecstatic to be giving “Ego Insaniac” to the world. I think a lot of my album spreads its arms wide and boldly both musically and emotionally and this song is a great way to introduce the world to what I feel is truly the most honest music I’ve ever made. It took a lot in me to make music that felt so honest, so it felt perfect to first share a song that I sing on entirely by myself.


Shadient introduces this monumental track with dark ambience of high frequency risers that spring from spectral base of audible imagery, right into the listeners mind and wanderlust of musical deliverance. The song is carried by Shadient‘s traditional style of granulated, distorted sound style of lead, layered with vocals of his expression. His voice carrying the state of mentality of the listener to a self shattering reality of perspective. Questioning the odds and ends of those, the vocals speak heavily on terms many individuals turn a blind eye to perceiving. This vocal chain is deeply supported by the epic width the lead takes with it, engulfing the audience into a delved cognitive journey of thought.

EGO INSANIAC” is so beautifully crafted and has set the bar for the album to come, leaving us all very ecstatic for what is to come with the remainder of this goliath. Shadient‘s self reflection cooperatively with himself and his music coming out of quarantine, have definitely assisted his staple into the genius he is developing to be. This track is a well deserved merit to be featured upon Gud Vibrations royalty of a roster, and we have high promise this is a song that anybody can set a vibe to!

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