Today we bring you a revolutionary EP premiere of the undergroud from the Cuban resident producer, Nemesy! Smacking down with two consideral beauties of artistry called “Lacrimation” and “Low Bit Luv“. This EP will be released via the color bass king, Chime‘s, record label known as Rushdown Records. Both of these tracks are stellar representations of Nemesy being that he is “Turning Tears Into Bass“.

Lacrimation“, the first track of this EP, sounds of a flower wonderland, hitting the ear like a flamboyant breeze of great feeling and softness, yet heavy and to the soul of it’s audience. The song starts off opening into a gentle rise with pop style lyrical chops in the back, quickly reaching into the drop. The drop represents a shining style of bass with essence of a hybrid trap groove, and future riddim like sounds. It’s sound design grazes high frequencies, with sharp interchanges, with harmony, and melodic vocal cuts. Rolling into the breakdown, it carries itself out, capitalizing on the lead harmonic, and building with yet another ease of a riser, to the final drop. This drop comes in with a much lighter lead, with an outstanding percussive presence. The snare/clap combination holds king in this part of the drop, with the underlying melody floating this end of the song like a cloud over the settling low end. Then exiting with the continual groove and lyrical loop that initiated the song.

Lacrimation” is such a feels puller, but on a optimistic note, really relaxing the vibes, and reflecting happiness. This is a song that would have any live set having friends holding each other and loved ones feeling warm. It hits all the right points of genuine human emotion.

Low Bit Luv“, the second installment of this EP, is a collaboration with Laser. This song really tackles the melodic riddim vibe, still holstered with some hybrid trap hints. It kicks off with a washed out intro of mid to mid-high frequencies, and impacts with a subtle harp chord. Quickly smacking into the drop, this song delivers intense bolts of sound, punching with electric force, supported by a heafty distorted sub. It feels like a starship blasting through space, with lasers firing and vibrant stars blinking all about. “Low Bit Love” is like a crystalline heart of sound, delivering every feely throb. The first drop halves, and falls into a harmonic grit of long notes, lowering energy and keeping groove delighted. Into the breakdown, the song flows into vocal chops of a transposed voice, rising into the secondary drop. This drop is a much cooler resonance, similar to the second half of the first drop. Continuing through with smooth percussion, and a touch of bongo like rhythm. It then slips into the end, carrying vocals out with a dreamscape harmony.

Low Bit Luv” definitely brings the intensity of the two in the most proper form. It’s a fine equalizer being on par with “Lacrimation”. Full on with color bass, and more aggressive emotion, but still ending off light hearted.

The Nemesy EP has so much to deliver with these two tracks. Each representing broad messages of their own. It’s always excited for us to get on the color bass train, because it has meshed a new existence of bass music in the most beautiful and wholesome way. Rushdown Records is a fine leader in showing this genre off with a an assertive stance. This Nemesy EP with serve strongly in their discography. We hope you enjoy, and may you be one with your feelings in the masterpiece of an EP!

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