Today we bring an exquisite premier collaboration from Netherlands very own Hardcore heavy weight, Audiofreq and United States up and comer, the “Texcore” capitalizer, Lil Texas! A release marketed and put out on their own, they introduce to the world “Hardcore Maniac“, and the name does not yield to the meaning it sows so heavily.

Hardcore Maniac” sets the energy right within the first ten seconds with a classic hardcore lead, very nostalgic future, action movie vibes, with lots of high frequency sound design, and rapid smashing chords. It tumbles into the chorus that chants the vocal title. The track rises with the first drop, then hits with a generic hardcore beat, but WAIT! It fakes out, and the initial four bars of the drop filter out, terraforming it’s foundation completely into a new frequency with really tight synths, and a savage flow. The drop continues to warp audible reality, exiting out with its utmost in intensity, still carrying that energy into the breakdown. Going into new arrangement roll, still keeping it on its hardcore basis, the song flows into it’s second drop. This drop changing the game completely. With more poppy synths, a cyberpunk like harmonic flow in the underlying layer of the lead sound, and the drums absolutely demolishing. The true “Maniac” of this track has shown it’s face! In the following moment, the drop flows back into how the first had projected, and then exits out with a glass shattering impact.

Audiofreq and Lil Texas brought all the big guns to show with this heater. Bringing a new “dark” to the hardcore scene, these guys DO NOT let up with this one. This in a festival anthem without question, hearing it live would be a sensation unmatched. Hardcore is a climbing demographic and we see it making headway yet again amongst the EDM. We hope you grasp this revelation as we have, and go smash this banger on your nearest system!

Connect with Audiofreq:

Connect with Lil Texas:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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