Today we have a track coming from the multiverse of time and space by the Toronta native, Paper Skies. He presents to us a complex pallet of sound he calls “Datasphere“, released via the champion label we all love and know, Buygore! We are about to blast off into hyperspace with this one my friends, so please, BUCKLE UP.

Datasphere” is literally unlike any bass sounds we have veered to listen. Paper Skies said himself that it was not meant to carry the same elements through and through with this track, but better yet to be ever changing, taking it’s spectators through endless realms of character and sound. It starts off with a playful, 8 bit groove, quickly setting into a hyper dance drum beat pattern. Layering tons of future samples and synths in this rising intro, the drop comes to life. It hits into very heavy, granulated chords of color bass frequencies, capitalizing on a new spectrum of flow as intended. Intensely dance oriented, the drop falls into a background of LoFi origin, with electric droplets of sound building. The second drop sneaks subtly like the tick of clock hand, and blares into a beautifully compressed, distorted grouping of majestic ambience. This part hits deep emotionally, making for a proper exit from the song with a slip into a melodic finish.

Paper Planes smashed this track with the message he was meant to bring! “Datasphere” is a design of it’s own intent, being the adventure it upholds. We’re excited to see Buygore carry this track to it’s appropriate crowd. It’s a definite pleaser and one to keep any and all listener continually intrigued.

Connect with Paper Skies:

Connect with Buygore:

Connect with Let The Bass Get You:

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