On this day, we have been incredibly honored to feature you an absolutely colossal track by some of the icons in what we know as bass music in our time. Today we premier to you “GRAVITY” by SLANDER, Subtronics, and vocals by JT Roach. Released via SLANDER and NGHTMRE’S staple label everybody adores, Gud Vibrations. A true storytelling masterpiece this is, with every ounce of detail and significance coming from all the artists who delved into this legendary bit.

GRAVITY” kicks off in a traditional SLANDER method, spear heading with immaculate, tear jerking, heart throbbing lyrics from the legendary JT Roach. Accompanied by a galactic arp and sweeping string instruments on a slow build through this epic intro. JT Roach’s vocals sing of great pain and sadness in love, something many people can resonate with in such a harmonious manner. It touches the internal crevasses of our warm feelings in heart and mind, something SLANDER always brings to the table when currating such melodic tracks. Continuing in this journey setting intro, elements of percussive claps and additional shuttering instruments are added to the character. Climbing into a grand chorus of purposeful name to the song, Roach belts these pieces to life. The song then transforms into what is now an orchestral riser, glacially moving towards a mighty drop. Intensity heats up in this moment with the building orchestra, transitioning slightly, and then a greater angst rises with snares and claps, thus smashing into the first drop we have been waiting for. This is where Subtronics impeccably stands out with the signature sound design that we all know. His classic extra terrestrial style of tear out dubstep sounds takes prominence in this moment, still keeping the vibe of powerful release with each hit of the kick and snare cutting in with the angry aesthetic of his sound. This goes on in a recognizable fashion for a short time, and then rides into a second build immediately. The next half of the drop still sustains the previous sound design, now paired with shining, one shot chords, bringing melody to this part. An impact climaxes the drop, reigniting the vocals of the breakdown, continuing the story to be expressed. As in the intro, many of the same elements beautifully caress this part of the song. The chorus punches again, followed by the rising of the orchestra. A wildfire of a build begins, even heftier this time, puzzling together the second drop to come. At this moment, both gargantuan forces of SLANDER and Subtronics auras reveal themselves completely. The drop this time being more melodic, with humongous lead chords driving the feelings bounced about with hard hitting percussion. Brief sample cuts chop about in this moment, really enlightening the airy emotion in this section of the song. The end impacts with a symphonic closure appropriate to the mood brought on by the entirety of this artistry, and an echo of JT Roach’s harmonizing voice.

GRAVITY” from the go is a legendary track, that will be sang by fans for years to come. There is nothing like it, and all the artists involved went to their absolute fullest when creating such a glorious writing. We are thoroughly blown away by this track at LTBGY, and we know it will hold so much love and light for the future of listeners and followers on a timeless scale.

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