Volt’s recently released EP “Rattle Your Bones” represents a movie score vibe that smashes listeners with heavy drops. Releasing today, Friday the 13th via Welcome Records, Volt’s new EP, “Rattle Your Bones” channels movie score cinematic feelings and blends them straight into some super heavy drops.

The LA based Australian producer, Rod Dawson, known as Volt has been making his name in the American bass scene and has been on a release binge recently releasing ‘The Legend EP” and separately “Never See Me” on Disciple Round table earlier this year.

When writing this EP I wanted to make every song feel like a movie score vibe. I wanted each one to take you to a different world from the intro of the songs. Similar to how a movie takes you away from the day to day life. I wanted this EP to do the same and then smash you with heavy drops!


Starting off with “Invasion“, with an evil voice over counting us into the release, Volt sets the scene with some driving squeaky beepy dubstep filled with some tasty ear candy. Track two, a collaboration with Slushii is the title track of the EP, “Rattle Your Bones” – which aptly asks you to not be afraid of the dark, “come with me“. Beginning with with a dense textural atmosphere, the energy really kicks in with the huge sustains that come in at the drop – a super dope groove on this one.

Track three “Smack House” takes on a housey backbone of a groove and then drops into this absolutely filthy drop – but in a super restrained and awesome way. Tracks four and 5 contain “Destroy” and the “Destroy VIP” have some awesome classic riddim feelings, with the VIP taking the groove to the extreme.

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