Today we bring you a fresh riddim, tear out hybrid hitter from the mysterious bass prodigy known as DKKAY. DKKAY has also appeared on labels such as Subtronics Cyclops Recordings, Disciple Round Table, MARAUDA’s Malignant and Odio Records. Coming at you with a brand new single called “Skorpion“, heated up with a conglomeration of other savage tracks via the Fifth Interval compilation, presented by up and coming Canadian record label, Interval Audio. Prepare yourself for this one, it’s not often we see a DKKAY release, but when we do, it’s sure to shake you to the deepest depths of your core!

Skorpion” slaps straight into gear from the go with an ominous intro, with some distorted glitches in the foreground, and led by an evil melody of chords driving the persona of what is to evolve. About half a minute into the track, the build begins with hip hop lyrics trailing it’s tension, flowing into the drop. This first drop locks and loads with the classic DKKAY way of mad, metallic one shots, carried by hefty riddim drums, and mid hertz growls. Shortly into the drop, it succumbs energy ever slightly, and rockets with a second burst of machine gun sounds, rattling the sub relentlessly. The rage in this moment goes without generalization, this song is angry! The breakdown dips back into the tense hip hop lyrics, building back yet again. Going into the second drop, DKKAY raises the gritty one shots in pitch and intensity, giving the groove more stamina, and widening the sound to its fullest threshold. Riding into a similar half drop as the first, the brutality continues to ground and pound the listeners cognition. The drop ends, and an epic symphony accompanied by war drums pushes the song to it’s end, closing on a note of decompressed chaos.

DKKAY came in tough, as he always does, with this track. It is no surprise to see Interval Audio bring something of this caliber to the table, let alone let this track be the second single for their newly released compilation. Always very much impressed by both this artist and record label, for both are a match meant to be.

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