After releasing the “ALT KEY” debut EP on Bassweight records 9 months ago, the talented producer 7INN is back on Buygore´s sub-label FRSHBLOOD with an awesome EP “NOT LISTENING” released Friday 20th August 2021 and premiering right here. Hailing from Perth, Australia, the artist has been hard at work over the last year and doesn’t appear to be relenting – read our interview with him from late 2020 here to find out more.

This EP is absolutely killer! The first track in the release is the title track of the EP – “NOT LISTENING“. It starts with with an absolutely huge stab morphing into a thick reecy bassline, the melody drives us through the build into some super clean compressed goodness that will totally have you bopping. The flows between sections in this tune work super well, each expertly into the other at the end of each phrase – watch out for the absolute filth in that second drop there, it’ll get you!

The second track, “CODE J12N” starts bending right from the beginning with some super unique panning/editing going on for the fills – the sound design on this one is also super great with the harmonics of each sound really being pushed to their fullest best place.

The final track of the EP, “Centrist” is in my opinion the heaviest track on the release, with the janky broken synth fills really accentuating the groove getting into some classic screechy, scratchy goodness!

When the world reopens, this is one artists We are super keen to see live cause damn these tracks absolutely go off!

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