In this article, we invite you into a universe of revolutionary proportions. Today we premier the debut release of color bass enthusiast, Ace Aura, on the legendary UK heavyweight label, Never Say Die Records. Enter the soundscape that is the “Gem World EP“, a four track stack of audible wonderlust, and new beginnings. Take this adventure with us into new grounds of sound and soul. Our interview with Ace Aura!

Our first track is the landing pad of this escapade, mirroring the title of the EP, called “Gem World“. Ace Aura from initial take off, brings us into a starry gave of sounds, with beautiful pads to push the intro of the track. Layering in continuity, it builds intensity with more instrumentals to follow chords, then impacts with a rapid, future string-like arpeggiator. Connecting with the drop, it hits with a staple processed vocal Ace Aura is not shy to using, then fires off into a hybrid trap, dubstep pattern, with deeply melodic tear out sound design vibes. It makes for a bouncey energy, that brings the stereo space to life, encapsulating the listener. The second drop initiates almost immediately, with little rest, represented with now a hard hitting dubstep pattern, complimenting the sound design with more shape, and cut. Exiting the second drop, a build forms quickly, leading to the third drop. Without hesitation, our breath is stolen by a left field transition of now hardstyle! And yet again, transforming to finish off with a dubstep pattern, and ending the song with an epic melodic close.

The second track that resumes our journey goes by name of “Soul Cavern“. Beginning with a foley layer of running water, and rising with vocoded lyrical chops, we are brought into some vibrant plucks with some fast paced, hollowed war drums. These elements attract our listening to the build, suavely plopping us into a melodic riddim drop. Ace Aura brings such ease and flow to the ear in this moment, with flute style sound design, sliced with future glitches to keep a float to the groove amongst the euphoria. Semitones rise through the drop, keeping tension continual, smashing into a heftier, more grittier part of the body. Collapsing into the breakdown, another build is interpreted almost instantaneously. We are shaken by this second drop, for yet another transitioning period, much like in “Gem World” happens, but this time with a punchy house groove! With many of the same layers used, the energy is scaled to the highest degree in this section of the song, finalizing it’s movement outing with those chill housey vibes.

The third installment of this EP is a joint collaboration with electronic vocalist, Nytrix, and it goes by “Shattered“. Smoothly started with a beautiful, blatantly loud leading arpeggio of Ace’s signature plucks, Nytrix lyrics begin to lead the song. Singing of imbedded feelings of love, the song heats with peaking octaves of the vocals reeling our attention for the body that is to bloom. Extending the build, it stretches out further and further, finally bursting to the drop. Aura’s colors show their full potential from go with his heavy dubstep energy, and immense amount of correlating sounds. There is so much sustenance between the call and response of this track, the sound design can not be compared. It’s melodic explosion is a pinnacle of future bass music defined. The first drop carries its energy all the way through appropriately. A breakdown begins with the chorus of vocals and plucks yet again. The second drop is impound, and hits with a massive predrop, constructing the sound to take form and crush yet again. This drop very similar to the first, but with a sustained back ground bounce to give it variation and speed. Then dropping suddenly, ending the track.

Lastly, we have the reveal single of this EP, and it’s the banger known as “Inferno“. It begins in a thunderous build much like a rawstyle track, with similar elements, and sub frequencies curating it’s build. There is no holding back in this final track deliverance, the chase is cut to the drop in this track, bringing a destructive, kaleidoscope of harmonic dubstep sounds. The true tear out ends of Aura’s capabilities are revealed here. Both halfs of the first drop are rage inducing monikers, with no bits of power left behind. The second breakdown comes to be, with a flow similar to an eight-bit video game style of sound introduction. The rise to the second drop begins, this time whipping into a hybrid trap tell of a story. Flexing the sustained bases in this piece, the distorted granulation tears soundwaves to shreds. Popping off with a glorious array of melodic blips, and topping off with that hardstyle impact as a proper exit.

Gem World EP” by Ace Aura is an actual trip of a journey. Every song delivering is signature presence, and testing all ends of his talents as a musician. There is no resistance that could withstand such a force as this, and it’s home with Never Say Die is more than complementing to their criteria. May your adventure be as transcendent as ours.

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