Today we bring to you the digital frontier of a story told by the bit crushing duo known as Pixel Terror. With their off the press EP called “Empire“, released on the legendary label, Bassrush Records. Traditionally, we all already know this EP is going to be a whirlwind of emotions, because their is nothing better the Pixel Terror do than sending their listeners off into the vastness of their feels, so let’s get right to it!

The first track to set the character of this four track hitter is known as “Wildwood“, and it’s name is more than fitting, for the journey through is very miraculously unexpectedly, yet wondrous and beautiful among the same terms. The song starts with thunderous war drums and an arpeggiating mid pitched vocal chop becoming wider and more as it rises into a thick arrangement of padded impacts. Chords sweep into an alarming riser. Drum line builds, more and more aggressively, finally cutting into the pre-drop. The drop hits with powerful percussion that outstands the lead of a very vocoded vocal movement, almost as if the speaking is the overall design of sound. Blotted with glitches and waves to keep the groove flowing, it exits with a the lead vocal riding straight into yet another build. The breakdown similar to the intro, subtly maintaining the emotional standard help in this song. A very calming, decompressing energy caresses this song through its moods to fill in space. The second drop begins to exceed, then the trigger is pulled. This time much more punchy with the drum pattern, and the sound design with a hungry distortion that crunches at its victims. More of that sporty energy Pixel Terror brings with their sound. The song then ends with it’s typical groove, accompanied by a series of finger clicks and harmonious chords dripping their last bits of serenity.

Our second track of this EP goes by the name “Elysium“. This monster comes roaring with a much heavier tonal resonance to it in comparison to last. Sort of envisioning an angry representation of the four songs. It begins with a soft rise, parallel with extraterrestrial sound chorded pads to bring a wondering energy to attention. A pack of pads plays to itself with a translucent layer of lyrics spinning at it’s base. A lighting bolt of a riser begins to carry percussion at a vicious rate. Exercising the build, it drops in a plethora of wide, static feeling sounds, with a crisp percussive compliment to heave it. The first drop begins shed into a transitioning half of itself. Now building again, the drop at this moment takes on a heavier style, almost of tear out origin. With machine gun style sound design, this track absolutely RIPS! The breakdown this time falls heavily like the intro. A long build of percussive elements begin to bring in the final product being the last drop to compromise the track. The third hits, but with long reaching, high frequency stabs to bring the energy of this drop. Not a beat is skipped, and the sound completely shreds the bounds of melodic bass genres.

Meridian“, the third installment of the EP, comes in very heavy with down and aggravated feelings. An electronic, muddled bolt bounces around the intro, getting progressely louder with antagonizing impacts. It proceeds to waver away, and a lyrical loop begins to speak audibly, reaching for the internals of the listeners heart and mind. The build repeats the lyrics, becoming more louder with each given wash of a bar. Followed with a brief techno styled rising arpeggiator, and more voices filling the builds voided space. The drop lets go, and new lyrical chops wrap each kick snare with poppy percussions, and a distorted, grainy splatter represents the sound of each slamming piece. The drop concludes, and the vocal rise shows its presence another time for the breakdown, all similar to the intro. The second drop fires like a gun, and becomes even sporadic with the same hard hitting flow as the last, but this time the slicing of the sounds design cuts air like a hot knife. So clean with its delivery, and keeping it a digital explosion of a bomb with all its unique qualities. It finished as simply as it begun, with relative outro lyrics, and silence.

Lastly, the track to top the carnage of this otherworldly rendered masterpiece, is “Underworld“. This final plate is the perfect cinematic piece to capitalize on this EP. The track starts with an echoing, reverbing, distorted vocal that is lifted by what sounds like a deeply compressed electric guitar in pitch with the tone if the voice, plucking away ever so gradually. Then initiated with a hearty impact, a low hertz riser begins to show face, and the vocals intensify until chords take suite in with the continual riser, beaming in and out like an alarm. Percussion builds to the predrop, and then it all pulls back for ignition, and thus the drop ensues. This is some of the hardest Pixel Terror design we could say we’ve seen. The synths of the drop are like gritty cannons of audible plasma, crunching.

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