Today, we have a brand new single from the long time, heavy hitting duo, RIOT. Releasing via their mother label under the kings, SLANDER and NGHTMRE, known as GUD VIBRATIONS, they bring to you the most fitting name of a track, called “Juggernaut“. A track that actually sounds of smashing and crushing under great pressure, we delve into this beast for a taste to look forward to.

Juggernaut” spouts off with a sort of guitar riff to bring the tension of this masher of a track, very retro gamer vibes to start off. Entwined with a fitting vocal chop of “Let’s get it poppin!” brings the noise up with the build of the intro. Then a lower pitched vocal enters the scene, with the riff intensifying and percussion added to spice the build, pads show presence as well, with each element absolutely full charging the wicked drop to crush listeners. The pre-drop engages, and RIOT comes swinging with their heavy dubstep design of ripping granulation and ringing snare smacks! The sub burrows deep, just grinding away at the stomp action engaged with this hefty anger. The next half becomes more and more relentless with consistent energetic shots to the face, ending off with the guitar riff completely compelling into the breakdown. Chugging up the build with riff, hats tap away, rising with grand hands to bring crowds up from their complacency. The guitar riff takes full control of the song now, screaming away with a resonant effect to bring out its savage approach. Drums ruggedly drive the energy more in this function, bringing tension to a peak moment. The build slices up the riff and drums full send into the drop. Pre-drop dispenses, and yet again, we see the same rowdiness of the first drop. Very similar in character, but still such a brutal beatdown of a embodiment. The drop keeps energy til it’s end, and a short epic of a chorus and solo ride the last bits of the end, and them conclude the song.

RIOT brought all their motions of rage with this track. “Juggernaut” is a heaving unit of a song, and in perfect representation with name. Not holding back yet again, these boys always aim to impress exponentially. Read our interview with RIOT here:

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