We’ve been fortunate enough on this day to cover a premier for the award winning bass music UK duo known as Koven. With their brand new UKF melodic Drum and Bass single they call “Say What You Want“. A truly inspiring track, especially with the stacking presence Koven has been bringing since the beginning of 2021, just cranking out heated emotions left and right. Let’s delve into this track for a better understanding the projection of feeling in this golden ringer.

Our new single “say what you want“, it’s one of our favourites in a long time. It has all the elements we love to add to a dnb track. Euphoric vocals, intense strings, heavy drops. It goes off live!


Say What You Want” initiates with a soft pluck of acoustics to set a tonal note for body to build, paired with some tail clicking, liquid grooving drums, and a median vocal chorus echoing in the foreground. Koven’s very own lyrics begin to ring in to encapsulate the listener, speaking of retribution of individuality and strength, thus the song title chorus cues to build tension with purpose. Drums rise with great elegance and the drop hits with such heartfelt impact. Percussion absolutely punches with grace, so much to the point of beautiful pungency. Chords jump on top the drums, and vocals surf the audible waves of this beauty, carrying every throb of feelings in its glory. A classic DnB pattern is present, but even with such minimalism, represents so much fulfillment. The lyrics progress the journey to the breakdown, ending the drum pattern, and rising back with an orchestral width that grows and expands with the progression of time. Drum line enters the field and grows to rise tensions yet again. The second drop proceeds, this time with a double timed percussive pattern, holding the same leads as the first, only speeding up the emotional gain. Deceasing back down to the initiate DnB pattern, the drop rides out with a smooth class of swagger and soul. The drop glides to a resonating end to the vocals, and orchestra comes back to life, finishing on a cinematic proportion.

Koven brought the deep dive investment of mind and heart with this track. Completely enticing a crowd and fan base that will appreciate a track for a longevity of timelessness to be. Such an inspirational piece of art, and a true projection of love in audible design.

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