Welcome back, LTBGY family! Today we premiere and take part in revealing the platform track to be first released on the “SPACE” EP,  a four track heater, created by the up and comer riddim producer, Dr. Ushuu. This EP will be fully released and ready to go come Friday, 09/03, under the shining light of the Disciple Round Table label. The first track to show face is a well thought out journey to persuade the curiosity of many in this ominous reveal of what this new blood has to bring to the table with such a heavy weighing name release, and that track is called, “Spaceships“.

From the play of the song, it starts with a melodic impact of deep cords weighing in the background, and chirps of digitizing animals to enhance the ambient space, giving this a rightful setting of mystery.  The intro carried by long string strokes and a piano melody, it sweeps gracefully into the percussive sway. All elements meet to a pinpoint formation, poking the intensity launch code into a series of impactful claps, rising the audible cognition gain. Things increase in repetition, with a glowing bleep of stereo sound creeps in with a strong filtered automation, dispersing at a rapid rate. The drop hits, and is lashed out with a rastafari vocal sample, spinning the lead sound into a chunky riddim pattern. Very much with the sounds of galactic sirens to carry the weight of this track, such an epic setting to be apart of. The second half of the drop chains on, with a more fractured chug to ride with the percussion. The breakdown winds down to a simple, speedy drum beat, and then pads become more vibrant in charging up the second drop about to commence. Claps lead the charge to the drop, that hits, and a space horros soundscape begins to fall to. A complete change in mood, but much more gritty and sinister! This riddim part fires off like a repeater rifle, laying waste with it’s impressive loudness. The next half comes to wake, and is much like the half of the first with sound design. The arrangement conjures really poppy riddim vibes, which are move when it comes to bringing energy on tough in modern riddim track handling. The song ends with a scratch back sample, and a quick lyric.

Dr. Ushuu is has not come to play when introducing this first of four tracks to make their way onto our music platforms and ears. “Spaceships” comes in hot and heavy, and looking to do some serious work on the sound standard. We look forward to seeing what comes next, stay frosty!

Connect with Dr. Ushuu:

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