Today we cover a fresh, dance floor crusher that is guaranteed to stir some ruckus with such a mad collaboration. We bring the you “Wrench” a euro twist from the mad dogs, Hydraulix and Doctor P. The track was released on Liquid Stranger´s label WAKAAN on August 18th from Hydraulix’s highly anticipated debut album, “Imposter Syndrome“!

The track kicks off with an actual wrench sample, and a classic Hydraulix growl muttered with impact. A thin UK style screech base rales across, starting up and then lessoning in octave. This can easily deciphered that both artists make their presence apparent right from the go in this song. A sort of humming shimmer bounces back and forth with the lightly pinned hats shaking to carry the groove of this intro. It impacts and sweeps down with a slow arpeggiating melody, and DnB drums rack themselves up to attack. The drop climbs, and leaps into a minimal formation, Drum and Bass pattern. The sound design has a very old school vibe backing it, it’s like two generations of time and music genres collide in the character of this drop. A trap sub carries a short mid section of the body with the first drop, beginning to clap at another rise on its way. The alternative procedure hits, and is now what seems to be a slower beat, and more whole layers to cover the stereo band. It pumps away, until sliding into the breakdown, that is a similar puzzle as the intro made to be. Recharging, the second drop finds energy and hits with a great festive force. The sounds are now even step further than the first two succeeding prior. Becoming more full and sporting more hyper vibes, the sound becoming large. The last piece ends with a similar pattern in transformation with sound, and then lazes out with some hanging traps, and a squeak of a wrench.

Wrench” comes off so simplistic, yet with a body that keeps growing in size with every progression made in the flow of this track. A masterpiece, well fed to us by two large icons very well known amongst the scene. Going to be excited to see this track find light in WAKAAN,  a deserving label of such experimentation and new basis for bass music to adapt.

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