On this epic day of releases, we bring a godlike presence out of the lands of West Coast Trap and Bass, from the Lord of Swag Beats himself, Dirty Audio. We present to you his “Take Control” through Bassrush Records, a three track festival trap phenomenon that only yields the nastiest in what Dirty Audio has to bring to the table. Let’s dive straight in!

Our first track to review is “No Stoppin” featuring hussling rapper and lyricist, GOLD. The song begins with a harmonious, light inducing, arpeggiating chord melody, that enters a slight impact, increasing in fullness, with mid-hanging trap horns to fill the space. GOLD kicks off some hard lyrics of tough hussling, getting madly trappy with the beat. The build begins to stack with vocal chops and added percussion. The drop swings in, and Dirty Audio hits hard with his signature roomy, festival trap vibes. Long, high noted sweeps and horns, colliding at manic speeds, filling the room existential vibes. The break falls back into the punchy rap lyrics, carrying the street vibes through and through. The build up comes back around for round two, in the same manner as the first. In the second drop, the 808 thump hits deeper and more sustained, just ruling the tension to end this song. The track drains out with some percussion and a heavily characterized flow, and then slips to silence.

The next track of the EP is the title of this mammoth, and it’s called “Take Control“. Rolling out with an angelic impact and a glistening sweep, the intro quickly finds it’s way to the lead percussion. The build begins, with a deflated horn like sound, whipping about in the background tension. The pre-drop commences and the squealing horn leads the heftiness in this drop, with heaving accent from the sub bass, barreling through the movement of this song. The pitch rises in the half mark of the drop, and gains mad resonance from elements all around it. A rapid roll of the drums and the break begins for a short breath, and the rise resists not to come back for another climb. The melodic carriage runs to the drum build. The second drop launches with a hesitant pattern, that stirs emotions, and then circles in with the vicious percussion, to ride into a twin animalistic drop of the first. The lead sound fades and triggers an impact that dissipates the melodic arpeggiator into closing.

Lastly, the final track of the EP,  “Tell Me” comes to ready with a legendary conclusion. The song begins with an entrance of a grand piano, patiently rounding it’s notes with melodic vocals that fly with it’s essence. It shortly implements war drums that battle about, with candid lyrics to the track bring energy to life amongst it’s core. A riser brings and major downward transition to mood with the initialization of the build approaching. The drop projects with such smooth entry, and a thick, rattling chime makes up the sound design, almost with a liquid presence. This song is like a low rider, defined with that prevalent West Coast bass vibes, the low getting energy is unreal. Call and response is so well differentiated in the groove of the drop, the attitude never stops popping. The drop ends, running into the intro perception again, and starts to rise. The second drop implies, and like first, carries that same swagger with style. The song tips off with the essential drum pattern, and rides with some 808 whips, then ends.

Dirty Audio indefinitely made his traditional stamp with this one. Coming in heavy, and appropriately resembled through the Bassrush name. It’s good to see some fresh artistry come from an individual who’s been on the steady grind for many years now, and he always deems to impress.

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