We bring the fam yet another premiere plate from Dr. Ushuu‘s new “Space” EP through the Disciple Round Table label! This is the fourth installment from the EP, with plenty of substance soon to show itself on the day of release. The track we present today is “Undrgnd“.

The track executes with epic horns and a chorus to raise the energy to peek levels from the go. This song is already setting an environment for a complete warzone of audible destruction. Percussion takes place instantly with a melodic hype of an even louder chorus, pushing to the build up in an instant! A low floating riser intensifies amongst the mid-low range, cueing a light shake internally amongst the listener. The pre-drop shimmers with a classic vocal stamp, and slams into a hybrid trap movement. A heavy, barrel like smash of sound sets the tone for the design of this leading bass, very spacious and hauling the track in great bounds to each percussive element. A hardy reese bass also accompanies, really expanding the width of the drop to the outer most externals of the audience’s perception. It continues to uphold traction with ever changing universal plasmic sounds. The drop then transitions into it’s second form of a stabby riddim arrangement, just brutalizing the soundscape. The break comes to be with even more harmonious brass elements, as well as some string vibes to complement. A build begins yet again, raining in the drums, and blasting off with a second drop. The riddim element shows more fluctuation with a heavy tear out element, pulverizing the sound waves. The sound design here has craniums rattling with a relentless flow, closing quickly and echoing out with the chorused lyric.

Dr. Ushuu went short and sweet with this last track of the EP, but with the absolute pinnacle in energic drive. This is not an EP to sleep on, this man is showing every ounce of his colors with what is to be offered as his tribute to bass music as we know it! Appropriately labeled under Disciple’s side piece, we are always looking forward to what they bring to the table from the present and years to come.

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