Today we roll out the red carpet for a collaboration of enormous proportions! One by the best friend, WAKAAN duo, Sully and G-Rex, and accompanied by the incredible vocalist, future bass group, The Arcturians. This song, “How Much Farther“, is a immensely majestic track in every way, hitting each corner of the emotional mind, and so beautifully executed by all the artists in this mash up. Let’s hit up the review, and get down to the core of this masterpiece.

The track sets off with a hollow pad, igniting a minor vocal to offset an impact, leading to immense room of soundscape. A simple chord begins to take hold of the essence of this delicate intro. The vocal continues to radiate as the chord becomes louder and more pungent. A third strike of the lyric enlists The Arcturians vocals to cue, hypnotizing with prominent feelings of sadness filled with pure beauty and bliss. The leading pads begin to intensify with percussion beginning to take charge of the songs energetic elements. The build begins to take flight, and ignites the drop! It kicks with a distorted glitch impact, and embodies a low end howl of a glutinous sub bass. A classic experience profoundly expressed by these two artists, always bringing heat with their bottom end, hip hop vibes. Such a stellar expression of their styles combined! The drop clutching on with full force of the feelings behind this song, it rides like a title wave through the body of the listener, pushing the impact further and further down to the subconscious core of the mind. The drop lets loose into the break, and vocals trail out, still grasping the sweeping melody into a harmonious breathe of a lead chorus. An impact strikes yet again, and a rising white noise racks into pin point percussive hits. Drum roll ramps up yet again, properly setting up for the second drop. The second drop explodes with the same glitch as the first, but with a fresh flow of the primary bass to send the body. Elements begin to stack in this second drop, really accentuating the emotions being decompressed to their entirety in this piece. It ends with a wide impact, and the lead, lyrical sounds echo’s out the exit of the song.

G-REX, Sully, and The Arcturians really brought their all with this track. Such an appropriate collaboration currated by them, and no better well placed than safely on the Wakaan label. Excited to see what else the dynamic duo brings to the our ears, because their roll is just beginning.

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