On this premier we bring you sounds from Belgium and Spain, hailing the grand artists, Subshock and Evangelos, with their track, “Next To You“, released via Welcome Records. This song comes at you with a deep influence from Blink 182 and a hefty punk rock energy to please.

The song rattles off with a filtered out guitar riff, and dispenses straight into the lyrics. Starting so classily with those second generational 2000s vibes of rock and ego tearing aesthetic. Super sad, and resentful lyrics that make the listener feel empowered and angry, ready for a full release of all restrictions of feeling. The drums pound away with their acoustic power, building to an immense chorus. The drop subtly slides into a authentic drum and bass arrangement, colliding two worlds so harmoniously. Sound design fills a room to all walls, with a movement so hectic, but to glorious ends. It tapers momentarily and then momentum proceeds even louder, bringing the energy to it’s full threshold. The drop ducks and the filtered guitar plucks into the lyrics once more. Reiterating the leads for another climb into the song’s purpose, tension builds. The guitar outstanding in this part with vocals deviating this moment in the track, coming to the second drop. The drum and bass cues itself with similar sound impressions, moving in and out, excavating energy on a grand spectrum. Sound shaping till it’s very exit, the song closes suddenly with a panoramic sweep.

The mash of genres in this track is unlike anything else. So cleanly perfected by these artists, with intensity fulfilled with all the right edging. Definitely a track to get feet moving, and undoubtedly a festival banger to be!

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