On this day, we do coverage of quite the diversity in a multiple of ground breaking art styles, brought to you by a highly anticipated rack of artists conquering their mission through the underground. We are talking about “Full Stack Vol. 2“, a variety pack of venturous soundscape under Bear Grillz’s momentous new label, Rude Service. We will be covering some hand picked tracks, and leave the rest for you take in your listening to create your own imaginative story with each audible piece. So let us begin!

First, we will cover “Enemy“, by the wave maker, High Zombie. The song begins to expand with goliath like pads, completely tearing the listener from the ground, and then a slight additive of a spicy rider to initiate tension. Claps begin to fill the room, and an arpeggiated voice slices the mid range to fill the cracks. Drum roll begins to raise energy, with a vocal chop proceeding it. The drop rains down, the impeccable sound design of shredding, tear out dubstep, staple to High Zombie’s method, wrecks havoc right out the gate. Fused glitches and growls separate segments of the drop, adding to the swagger of this groove. A vocal and impact snap off the drop. A relative to the first build initiates take off yet again, for a second stage of madness. This next drop comes in with a much more relentless punch with sound design and arrangement. The second half of the drop incorporates a curdling screech bass. The drop then lands with an ease out of the lead pads.

For the next track to assess, we introduce “Bunker“, by multi-label releasing milestone climber, Ablaze. The track sets off with a girthed orchestral sound, filtering louder and louder. A horn commences a flurry of more horns to compliment the orchestra. It doesn’t take long to approach a snare hit, and the rise ensues with hyper pacing drums. The drop releases it’s fury into a thick riddim style, consisting of proficient one shotted pop sounds, and a dispersed growl to carry the weight of the drum pattern. It ricochets and reverberates over bounds of itself, then, midway through, the design begins to become airy in it’s composition, driving up the agitation. The symphonic pair of orchestra and driving horns return for the breakdown, and a sporting rise shows face once more. The second piece of the body rails into a fresh atmosphere knob of a sound, panning the leading feel from top to bottom. Still moving at a hard hitting, riddim pattern, the width of this drop peaks all levels of loudness. The symphony swings back for a final turn to exit out the song with the engaging drums.

Last for our review, we cover “Wigsplitta“, by the trap lord prodigies, Blaize and FREAKY. The song sets off with an ominous volley of a diluted alarm sound, and subtly risen into some rap lyrics, emphasizing the songs title. The hip hop movement melds into the build of the track, chopping in the ascension of the drums. Drop pops off into a spring loaded transitioning sound, that accentuates a hefty hybrid trap drop. Mid level frequency carries a lot of the weight of this track, with it’s roomy extent. Plucks fill the switch ups between flow bounces. The breakdown falls with lead lyrics echoing into entirety. A rise collects, and drops once more in a similar fashion as the previous. The lead groove is now teamed with a tight end, fastened sound, that zips the primary movement into one unit. The remainder of the drop follows much of the same as the first, and the song finalizes with whispers of lyrics and initializing sound to close.

On a side tangent, there were so many great artists to show their existence in this compilation. The expansion of design is truly endless. One of the tracks that made a landmark, that we did not cover, is “The One“, by Grizzlii. It hits home with emotional elements all throughout, and is highly a shadowed banger. Digressing though, there is a lot of heat to come out of this entire collection of songs.

Rude Service is not a label to sleep on. Bear Grillz has definitely done it right, presenting this glorious new piece to the grand industry of bass music. The amount of artists that are showcased on a regular are immaculate talents, that deserve the light with all their hard work. Go peek the rest of the Compilation, and get a feel for everything these young sound specialists have to offer.

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