Kompany, a mastermind of a producer, influencer to many, and a man that speaks miles with the sound of his music. After a barrage of epic releases that have came from him this year, he presents his ultimate creation yet, the “Untouchable” EP. A seven track stack of some of his most progressive upbringings in the bass music universe. Released via Never Say Die’s renowned label, we delve into each track thoroughly from beginning to end.

To kick off this escapade, we start off with “Breach“, a proper introduction for the artistry to come. The track sets off in a dreamscape type ambience, with hushed bells ringing in the distance, and a progression of inverted chords curating the setting. A operetta of harmonious voice slowly echos up the environment, with chords becoming more wholesome in continuity. A compressed, screaming impact retaliates the mood, making for a more sinister arrival of what is approaching. Abducting the attention of the song, a high pitch riser captures the listener. A staple, primal growl that Kompany brings with every massive track, shatters into digital dysmorphia. Classically, a warning from a brutal vocals calls for the notice of the havoc to be, preparing for an immense charging for the drop. Build begins with an alarming, bit crushing sound to intensify the aesthetic. The drop hits with a impeccable presence, stomping the atmosphere to complete pieces! Screeching between each savage thud of the percussive elements. This is a haunting approach to Kompany’s usual sound design, a fine attunement to what more he has to offer. One shot guns rattle off with animalistic glitches to distract focus from the chaos. The drop dips for a short breathe to immediately see a second rise. On this secondary input, a much more continual groove takes place with a change in haste with the relentless sound evolution. It devours every ounce of the drop with the utmost in anger, then spirals down to the exiting break. Closing with a backwards ride of the intro elements, the song completes with an ominous string outro.

To follow, Kompany conducts a more melodic installment with vocalist, KC, in the track, “Just Like You“. Harmonious, grand piano chords set off the energy, with angelic, guitar plucks to entice a heavenly stratosphere of sound setting. KC’s vocal cue a great sadness in the attitude of this track, speaking of relatable feelings all audiences could amend to. Claps and suppressed bumps of a kick begin to complement the climbing creation of the song. Whipping into a sweep that clicks down with the introduced riser, a wonking, panoramic alarm begins to institute it’s presence. Sound design morphs itself with the progressing heave to the drop. Drum roll cues to inaugurate what we’ve all been waiting for. A smack of short chords lead into wide, engulfing chords that raise the attention high into the clouds, sending all the energy into space! A gorgeous ambience is put into place, railing emotions through the course of the body. A fresh take into the artist’s mood, revealing a deeper feeling in his sound presentation. A crash ends this drop, and falls back into a subtle melody, followed by the guitar plucks running the remainder energy. Vocals progress with the riff, diluting back down to the purpose of this track. Attentions raise again with a build to the next half of the intensity. The chords collide again, with a more sustained mortality, reflecting emotion an a fuller basis, rising higher than before. An impact performs with a sprinkle of a chime to conclude the drop, echoing out the lyrics, and topping off the finish with a guitar, sweeping into the abyss.

Formally, the EP’s title track takes place, to reiterate, we announce “Untouchable“. This track was revealed a few months ago, before ever even being hinted to be the hidden gem that is this EP. A sizzle of a sweep and an upbringing of a high note harmony execute the start of the song. The sweep slides in to an arpeggiating robotic distortion that sirens a construct into a greater being. Agitated vocals echo in the background as the lead sound filters into the main line. The vocal interprets it’s full form, and dilution reserves from the lead sound, completing the drop, and exposing it’s internal angst, blaring at full capacity! The sound design is so beyond it’s time in this very moment, the acceleration of Kompany’s true mastery is out of this world to recollect. This part of body full sends every definition in which this EP is about, summing it to the very pinnacle as to all profound emotions presented in this grand artistry. The drop interchanges at the halfway point, bringing on a even more established craft of deeply embedded sound, delivering complete unjust madness. The segment ends with the lead vocal, diving into the break of the high rising harmonic note of a voice. The rise adapts yet again into it’s tense composition reflected in the beginning. A second rise consults into what is to be the next demolition. Dropping into a familiar body, but with a much grittier perspective, this time hitting with a top notch energetic punch. Kompany attacks at unstoppable bounds with his projection of audible rage, this track is an unmatched masterpiece. The track depletes with the final announcement of the lead lyric, and distorts with a sample of an unexplained video game vocal.

This next plate is in collaboration with a long time inspired asset to the mastermind, and that is Staysick, with the track, “Thermos“.  A twist of a knob and release into what sounds of a music box depressing from pressure relinquishes the start of this track. Immediately driving to transformation into cultivating, festive horns that clock away with vintage smacks of a drum, the drive entails. Marching percussion increases the unretiring mood carrying towards the intention to capitalize on these artist’s massive dynamic. Elements intensify to bring on the ultimatum we’ve been anxious for. Collision commences with a titanic crash into a fighting meld of different sound designs, ripping waves to fractals of sound. The reflection of noise bounces and slams so evenly with every low end hit, with such pulverizing cleanliness. A second title comes with this first drop, introducing a sustained screech bass that pierces through every essential frequency, fully encapsulating the presence of internal chaos. Festive horns enter on the break, with following of the previously crushing percussive additives. The next drop ensues it’s rise to launch. With the same arrangement of the first, a liquid rinse in sound weaves between the lead drive. Gaining weight with the transition of body, pitch raises to maximize till closing into the break of essentials. Leaving off with a retro pattern of chords, the song exits.

Yet another collaboration takes place now, with Kompany’s prodigy student who has been making insane fractures amongst the bass scene, Jiqui, who is currently accompanying in tour with our host himself. They bring to you a long awaited joint project, which has already seen release a short while ago, and that is “Cut Throat“. A terror like ring initiates into the take off of the song, along with a subtle, natural foley layer of jungle noises radiating in the background. A voice chirps in and out gaining and reducing distance with progression. A glitch performs, switching the mystery to a darker ideology of atmosphere. A guttural sound protrudes it’s presence in the eerie silence, gaining momentum with the build up. A drop fires off with the same sound finding completion and terraforms into what we could consider a hybrid take to flow. A thuggish groove takes head of this design in sound and movement, pummeling the core to it’s lowest, audible ends. Sound coordination sees no resistance in the formation leading to the close this drop, bringing all the furious energy with it. A second climb takes place instantaneously out of exit. This time partaking to a riddim flow, accentuating new noise elements to take place. Rings of metallic bursts emphasize the hit of the drums, bringing on the savagery. Machine gun basses find place as well, ricochetting in the fine space of the metallic bursts. An end yields the drop, and falls back into the jungle soundscape of lost entities.

Another collaboration is brought to life amongst the rack of them, and that is with a momentous, underground, up and comer we like to present as Vastive, and they flex the track known as, “Composer“. A walking of feet introduce this track, with a suspicious door opening, then closing in the foreground. The walking continues with the spiraling of a minimal mid frequency sound. Mysterious vocals call out to the listener in preparation for what story lies ahead. Arpeggiation of minor chord plucks entice the development being set into place. Octaves rise with pads, and wide white noise begins to engulf the emptiness, gaining to a full range of stereo room. Percussive elements match in suite to the plucks performing their intensifying purpose. A build steadies in sequence with rest, then dropping into a very angry secondary riser. The drop enduces with a rawstyle sound, but with a hybrid trap like arrangement. Sqeuling it’s way with future melodic driving factors to keep the tension at an increased fashion. Ravenous tears scorn the in the mid range, implementing a transitioning build that rears another beast. Reesing crawlers of metallic origin begin to ride with the flow of this still hybrid style terror. In this moment, taking a heavy dubstep approach to it’s attire. A thunderous sweep pause the maddening persona, reeling back the footsteps to enhance to journey. The mysterious voice speaks again, with a colorful delve into a new melody takes presence. This color formation shuts quickly into a man heavily breathing in concern, as the voice speaks to it. Impact enables the tension to a third build. The guns rattle again, stabbing the algorithmic flow to a new height. Distortly spinning out to close, the song ends.

Last, but not least, Kompany brings on a heavily anticipated track that has evolved to an absolute gargantuan of a monster, and that is the long awaiting redux, “Firewall VIP“. A track that has been slaying it’s listening to mental pieces, it was only a matter of time for this one to see the light, and let all relive their moments listening to this song on inevitable repeat. It starts classically as the original, with a grand entrance of bells ringing, wondering through a post-warzone scenario to be a battle once again. Harmonious vocals pads carry into a harp glacially tuning away, with vibrating singing shifting from afar. War drums intrude themselves with the stacking of subtle, energetic ecstasy. A growl glitches momentarily, and those familiar roars of a leviathan come to play. Charging between bars, a laugh creeds it’s existence. “It’s goin down!” burst from the ashes of it’s predecessor, charging the initial build. The lyric fulfulls, but WAIT! The “VIP” vocal comes from left field, another charge winds up, phasing into itself. A scream of a man, and drums intensify to the signature sound, increasing in power. A true master sound obtains the crown with this drop, brutalizing the flow with an extreme fiery intent. More relentless than the original, the mashing of noise variables leaves no room for breathing, this is a decimation. Energy continues, deforming all blockades that could ever let this animal’s destruction be stopped. Another roll of the drums takes place, into the next drop. An experiment reese finds formation to carry the tension, with deep, abrasive one shots creating sway on the high end. Pitching in all directions, the drop discharges back into the movement of the intro build, falling to it’s completion. The battle has been won, and the trail of ravagery leads into darkness.

Kompany has outdone his expectations to come from this EP. He has become such a pioneer in his continuing career of the bass music scene, it’s extremely motivating to see such a man make the milestones he has. On a personal note, he has been such an idolizing character in the scene, his following from hard work, dedication, and transformation of sound is something to truly be in awe by. We are always looking forward to what this man has to put out to world, and the mountains he will move in his massive progression. This EP proves every last fact to be stated about the impact he has made towards music as we know it.

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